5 Additional Fully Funded NERC QUADRAT DTP Studentships: Interdisciplinarity

In addition to the 20 FTE studentships commencing in October 2023 to constitute Cohort 5, NERC have given 5 more. The QUADRAT Management Board has decided to focus these studentships on interdisciplinary opportunities.

The Call

The call is now open for PI’s to submit interdisciplinary project proposals. Projects must be led by an existing QUADRAT partner school PI and must include at least one additional non-QUADRAT school from either UOA or QUB. There is no need to have a QUB and a UoA presence within the supervisory team.

For full details, please see this infographic.

Please download this Application Form and submit it to quadrat-admissions@abdn.ac.uk by the below deadline.

DEADLINE: 14.00 Friday 14th April 2023

Project proposals must meet all of the below criteria to be considered eligible:

  • Successful projects must be led by staff member from an existing QUADRAT partner school and must include at least one additional non-QUADRAT school;
  • Fall within the NERC science remit and the QUADRAT DTP remit but address a question/problem that is important, significant, and relevant to multiple fields or disciplines;
  • Make a significant contribution to the relevant fields and advance knowledge and have impact;
  • Articulate the problem which necessitates an interdisciplinary approach;
  • Demonstrate creativity and originality in bringing together disciplines to address the research question or problem;
  • Demonstrate how interdisciplinary approach will establish new ways of working- away from established/traditional patterns of working;
  • Clearly articulate the different methodologies that will be used to address the question and how;
  • Demonstrate that the team has the necessary expertise in the relevant disciplines and can effectively collaborate to achieve the project’s objectives.
  • Proposals must be submitted by the Lead Supervisor.
  • Supervisors must be PI’s grade 7 and above.
  • Lead Supervisor’s must be on a minimum of 0.5FTE contract at one of the partner schools.
  • You may only submit one application as Lead Supervisor. There are no limits as co-supervisor.
  • Lead Supervisors who were awarded a QUADRAT studentship in the last round (cohort 5) are eligible to lead a proposal in this round.
  • CASE supported projects are encouraged.
  • If shortlisted, you MUST be able to attend & pitch your proposal to a panel on 27th April 09.00-12.00 (you will be allocated a timeslot)
  • If successful, you MUST be able to work to the below timeline of key dates.

The expected timeline for this call is as follows:

  • Mid-March: call for proposals
  • 14th April: deadline for proposals
  • 14-21st April: light touch triage of submissions & invitations to pitch proposal to panel
  • 27th April, 09.00-12.00: proposal pitching event (held online) – if shortlisted, you MUST be able to attend this date/time
  • 28th April: outcomes of pitching event – 5 successful proposals
  • W/C 8th May: launch advertising campaign & open for applications
  • 9th June: deadline for applications
  • 14th June: we aim to have all applications to supervisors by 14th June
  • 14-21st June: supervisors to review, shortlist & interview candidates
  • W/C 26th June: interviews to take place no later than this week
  • W/C 3rd July: supervisors to notify quadrat-admissions@abdn.ac.uk of interview outcomes
  • Early July: QUADRAT Admissions to make offers

You must be able to work within the boundaries of this timeframe.

  • A light touch triage of proposals will take place after the submission deadline;
  • 8-10 proposals will be shortlisted – these supervisors will be invited to pitch their proposal to a panel on 27th April, 09.00-12.00;
  • 5 projects will be selected, plus 2 reserve projects;
  • The 5 selected projects will be funded and advertised. Students will be recruited directly to these projects (this is a direct funding model);
  • Supervisors will arrange interviews for their shortlisted candidates and will notify QUADRAT of the successful candidate;
  • All interviews must comply with QUADRAT EDI processes; more information on this is available via the NERC Best Practice Principles and also in our DEI Hub
  • QUADRAT Admissions will then make studentship offers to these candidates;
  • If the top candidate declines, the offer will go to the reserve candidate.