University of Aberdeen
Current Position Chair in Fisheries Science
Previous Position Sea Fisheries Group Leader, Marine Scotland
Telephone +44 (0)1224 274166
Departments School of Biological Sciences
Quadrat Core Themes Biodiversity, Environmental Management
Methods I Use Bio / Geo / Chemical Analytical, Modelling


Key Research Interests

  • Marine fisheries, their ecosystems, and fisheries management
  • Sonar and other advanced technologies for surveying fish and other living marine resources
  • Interactions between fish, their predators and their prey
  • Geostatistics
  • Population and ecosystem models

Recent Key Papers

  • Nielsen, al. (2018). ‘A framework for results-based management in fisheries‘. Fish and Fisheries, vol. 19, no. 2, pp. 363-376.
  • Fernandes, PG., et al. (2017). ‘Coherent assessments of Europe’s marine fishes show regional divergence and megafauna loss‘. Nature Ecology & Evolution, vol. 1, 0170.
  • Baudron, AR. & Fernandes, PG. (2015). ‘Adverse consequences of stock recovery: European hake, a new “choke” species under a discard ban?‘. Fish and Fisheries, vol. 16, no. 4, pp. 563-575.

Summary Title of Current Studentships

  • Climate change effects on fisheries of the North east Atlantic
  • Nutritional value in European fisheries
  • Studying the marine ecosystems of Greenland with broadband acoustics