Hi everyone, my name is Emma Hayes and I am a Queen’s University graduate in Geography. My QUADRAT project is investigating and designing new multi-method approaches to combat and evaluate the issues of soil erosion and nutrient run-off across agricultural land in Northern Ireland and Scotland. A variety of techniques are employed in my project including remote sensing, computer modelling and chemical analyses. I come from a rural background and the issues faced through climate change and the demands on agriculture for sustainable practise and maximum productivity is immense. In an ever-changing climate, new strategies must be developed to maximise the potential of agricultural yields whilst also minimising damages to our fragile ecosystems. My project builds upon the skills I have developed at undergraduate level, in particular, my interest in environmental modelling. I used this extensively in my undergraduate dissertation which analysed coastal erosion around Strangford Lough using various functions of ArcGIS. Since a young age, I have always desired to further my education to its maximum potential and studying for a doctorate is simply a dream come true. In my spare time, I compete in endurance riding and have represented Ireland several times competing overseas.