QUADRAT PhD projects are competition funded by QUADRAT NERC Doctoral Training Partnership (How To Apply). This opportunity is open to UK and International candidates (including EU nationals) and provides funding to cover stipend, UK level tuition fees and a research and training support grant (RTSG). Please refer to the UKRI website, Annex B of the UKRI Training Grant Terms and Conditions and our funding and eligibility page for full eligibility criteria.

PLEASE NOTE: QUADRAT funding does not cover visa costs (either for yourself or for accompanying family members), immigration health surcharge or any other additional costs associated with relocation to the UK.

PLEASE NOTE: selection is based on academic ability and performance at interview; incomplete applications will not be considered and we cannot chase missing documents.


Find out HOW TO APPLY here


The QUADRAT DTP is funded by NERC and, as such, is regulated by the Terms and Conditions of Research Council Training Grants.

QUADRAT DTP students are funded for a minimum of 42 months (full time or up to 84 months part-time), to start the following October. They include:

  • Stipend based on RCUK rates (currently £17,668 for the 2022/23 academic year, updates annually)
  • UK Level Tuition Fees (*fee waiver for international candidates, see below)
  • Research and Training Costs (£9,000)

*Successful international candidates will receive a fee waiver for the difference between the UK Level and International Level tuition fee. International candidates are therefore not expected to fund this ‘fee gap’ themselves. Please note that international places are limited by NERC to 30% of the intake.

PLEASE NOTE: QUADRAT funding does not cover visa costs (either for yourself or for accompanying family members), immigration health surcharge or any other additional costs associated with relocation to the UK.

The QUADRAT DTP is funded by NERC and, as such, is regulated by the Terms and Conditions of Research Council Training Grants.


To be classed as a Home student, you must:

  1. be a UK National (meeting residency requirements),
  2. have settled status in the UK (meeting residency requirements),
  3. have pre-settled status (meeting residency requirements),
  4. have indefinite leave to remain or enter in to the UK

See below for residency requirements.

January 2022 update: Republic of Ireland (ROI) candidates will now be considered to have a home fee status at both QUB and UoA.

Please be advised that the same residency requirements (see below tab) apply provided these candidates have lived either in the UK or ROI for at least 3 consecutive years immediately prior to the start date of the studentship. We cannot yet confirm fee status for ROI candidates beyond the 2022/23 academic year.

You must have been ordinarily resident in the UK for at least 3 years immediately prior to the start of the studentship (01 October 2023). UK Nationals who have temporarily been abroad for the purpose of study during this period will still be eligible for home fee status.

Applicants who do not meet the above criteria will be classed as international students.

Candidates should have (or expect to achieve) a minimum of a 2.1 Honours degree in a relevant subject, a Master’s degree is not a requirement if you have a 2.1 or above at Honours level.

Applicants with a minimum of a 2.2 Honours degree may be considered providing they have a Distinction at Master’s level.

We will use internationally recognised NARIC equivalency procedures to ensure that international qualifications meet these criteria.

Please see the below linked information specific to international applicants:

Additional costs you should expect:

  • Visa fees
  • Immigration Health Surcharge
  • Relocation costs
  • Travel costs
  • Insurance

UK Government guidance on obtaining a student visa can be found here: https://www.gov.uk/student-visa and immigration health surcharge information can be found here. Both universities also have specialist teams who can help you through these processes. Please see the links below for more information:

Queen’s University Belfast:

University of Aberdeen:

Please make yourself aware of the extra costs associated with visas and immigration health surcharge prior to submitting an application. QUADRAT DTP studentships cannot cover these additional costs.

CASE studentships include a CASE partner which is a non-academic organisation within the public, private or third sector providing enhanced training opportunities.

More information on CASE partnerships can be found here: https://www.quadrat.ac.uk/opportunities/case-studentships/

Stage 1: submit your application by Friday 9th December 2022. All applications will be reviewed by the project supervisory teams and applicants will be nominated to progress to the next stage.

Stage 2: interview – including the submission of a pre-recorded presentation in advance of interview date

Please note, the below is a provisional timeline and dates may alter slightly:

  1. The call for applications will open in mid-October 2022.
  2. The deadline to apply is 23.59 (UK time) on Friday 9th December 2022.
  3. References must be submitted no later than Tuesday 10th January 2023. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure all references are received by this date.
  4. Supervisors are asked to nominate their chosen candidates by Friday 20th January 2023.
  5. Nominated candidate submissions are reviewed and shortlisted for interview by a secondary panel.
  6. Shortlisted candidates are invited to interview. Interview invitations are expected to be sent out on Monday 6th February, or soon after. This invitation will include instructions for submitting a pre-recorded presentation task.
  7. Reserve interview candidates will be notified via email on or soon after Monday 6th February. Reserve candidates will not be called to interview any less than 1 week before the published interview dates.
  8. Shortlisted candidates are asked to submit their pre-recorded presentation by Wednesday 15th February 2023.
  9. Interviews will take place over Microsoft Teams on Tuesday 28th February, Wednesday 1st and Thursday 2nd March 2023.
  10. Interview outcomes will follow as quickly as possible after the interviews. Please be aware that this can take up to 3 weeks depending on the number of applications received. Please do not chase an outcome, we will contact you as quickly as we can.
  11. Reserve candidates will be notified of their status after offers have been made.
  12. Unsuccessful outcomes will then be issued.
  13. Friday 31st March 2023: UKRI Universal Acceptance Date. Offers must be made by this date but offer holders are not required to accept or decline an offer before this date.
  14. Offer holders who accept the offer will then be asked to formally apply through the institutional portal. Central admissions will determine fee status and issue a conditional or unconditional offer.
  15. A formal funding award letter will follow the academic offer.
  16. If an offer is declined, we will move to the reserve list. This can occur at any time between March and September 2023.

The QUADRAT DTP is funded by NERC, a UKRI Research Council. As a result, we are required to report on this information for all applicants to the QUADRAT DTP. If you do not wish to reveal this information you will always have the option to select ‘prefer not to disclose’.

NERC believes that everyone should feel welcomed, valued and included, and we challenge discriminatory or biased behaviour. We thrive to fund the best of the best, regardless of their background. To keep improving our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy, we gain information on the diversity profile of our applicants. This is important for NERC but also the University to put effective policies in place to offer equal opportunities.

Please be assured that the data you supply will be only be used for monitoring purposes and in conjunction with the review of your application. As such it will only be handled by the QUADRAT DTP Coordinator and will only be shared with individuals who are integral to the interview and selection process. Only anonymised data will be reported to NERC. By providing the requested information you are consenting to its use as stated in this paragraph.

Please see our FAQs for more information.