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University of Aberdeen, School of Biological Sciences

QUADRAT DTP CASE: Environmental Impacts of Offshore Wind Turbines: A life cycle assessment of Bottom-fixed versus Floating Wind Turbine Concepts
QUADRAT DTP: Optimising water saving management systems for rice grown in saline/sodic environments
QUADRAT DTP: How do biotic interactions shape the response of species to climate change across temperate and tropical biomes? A global study on damselflies (Odonata: Zygoptera)
QUADRAT DTP: Assessing the vulnerability of marine ecosystems to climate change in the North East Atlantic
QUADRAT DTP: Current and past ecology of dynamic seasonal salt lakes and their responses to climate change
QUADRAT DTP: Impact of climate change on stability of sponge-microbe symbiosis
QUADRAT DTP: Speciation Dynamics in Wallacea: Implications for Conservation on Sulawesi
QUADRAT DTP: Functional parasite epigenomics and transcriptomics for improving honey-bee health in a global pollination crisis
QUADRAT DTP: Environmental change and the epidemiology of a multi-host pathogen: Leptospira in Africa
QUADRAT DTP: The cost of being a fussy eater – Oligolectic pollinators and environmental change
QUADRAT DTP: The role of sexual selection in facilitating rapid adaptation to climate change
QUADRAT DTP CASE: How effective are Protected Areas in conserving biodiversity?
QUADRAT DTP: Modelling metagenomics-derived microbial traits in soils under climate change
QUADRAT DTP CASE: Waste to Land – Differential priming of soil carbon driven by additions of organic wastes
QUADRAT DTP: The potential impact of Zero Budget Natural Farming in India on food availability, poverty alleviation and soil degradation
QUADRAT DTP CASE: Is a trophic cascade framework useful for predicting the outcome of rewilding in plantation forests?
QUADRAT DTP: Development of artificial reefs: design, scientific monitoring, environment impact and management in North/Irish Seas
QUADRAT DTP: Do plant communities manipulate soil for drought resistance?
QUADRAT DTP: Actions of early life endocrine-disrupting chemical exposure on adult fish health using the zebrafish model
QUADRAT DTP: Responses of fungal populations to habitat loss and creation: extinction debts and colonisation credits.
QUADRAT DTP CASE: Acoustic detection & characterisation of cod in the north east Atlantic
QUADRAT DTP: The genomic basis of environmental resilience and vertical zonation in the intertidal rocky shore
QUADRAT DTP: Is macroalgal carbon sequestration the ‘elephant in the Blue Carbon room’ ?
QUADRAT DTP: Conservation implications of variation in reproductive traits among fragmented populations of tropical forest trees

University of Aberdeen, School of Geosciences

QUADRAT DTP CASE: Sustainable Resilience to Coastal Erosion: Innovative Approaches to Protection of Assets Along Coastlines at Risk
QUADRAT DTP: Co-evolution of Earth and Life: are land plants good for coral reefs?
QUADRAT DTP: Quantifying carbon accumulation and loss in Russian Arctic peatlands
QUADRAT DTP: Climate Change in the Medieval Northern World and its impact on Respiratory Health
QUADRAT DTP: Exploring the potential of multi-tissue sulphur and strontium isotope analysis and isoscape modelling to reconstruct past faunal movements
QUADRAT DTP: Chronology and Changing Cultures on the Mongolian Steppe
QUADRAT DTP: New methods for the ‘visualisation’ of dynamic and multi-dimensional data in Earth and environmental systems
QUADRAT DTP: Automated soil profiling: identification of soil characteristics using Machine Learning and image analysis
QUADRAT DTP: Monitoring environmental change with ambient seismic noise
QUADRAT DTP: Improved pattern recognition in environmental signals using machine learning
QUADRAT DTP CASE: The interaction between carbonates, igneous intrusions and CO2 in the ocean system
QUADRAT DTP: Precious metals of the Anthropocene
QUADRAT DTP: Environmental ancient DNA analysis of Lateglacial and Early Holocene contexts in Ireland and Scotland
QUADRAT DTP: Climate change impacts on seasonal water storage and flow: implications for environmental management
QUADRAT DTP: Environment, Diet and Oral Health in Early Historic Ireland and Scotland
QUADRAT DTP: Trace element behaviour in surface environments on enriched shales, Britain and Ireland
QUADRAT DTP: Mitigating the impacts of environmental change on cultural heritage using drone-based survey techniques

Queen’s University Belfast, School of Biological Sciences

QUADRAT DTP: Genomics approaches to explore the secrets of remarkable plants: Soil/root microbiome interaction and edaphic stress adaptation
QUADRAT DTP: Identifying Environmental Factors for Soil Transmitted and Food Borne Helminth Diseases in Border Regions of Northern Thailand
QUADRAT DTP: Tropical Marine Biodiversity: Solving the taxonomic bottlenecks to environmental impact assessments
QUADRAT DTP: The effects of maternal stress on offspring survival in the fallow deer
QUADRAT DTP: Global profiles of species declines and success in the era of climate change
QUADRAT DTP: Microbial social lives: A multi-scale systems approach to decode microbial metabolic networks
QUADRAT DTP: Greening cities: how do street trees contribute to urban biodiversity and ecosystem functions?
QUADRAT DTP: Temperature regulation of crop – rhizosphere ecology
QUADRAT DTP CASE: Understanding and predicting the success of alien freshwater fish
QUADRAT DTP: Energetics and survival of an apex predator – the African lion – in a rapidly changing environment
QUADRAT DTP: Unravelling the freshwater microbial phosphorus cycle
QUADRAT DTP: Can pollutant transfer through benthic elasmobranch food-chains be related to their feeding ecology?
QUADRAT DTP CASE: The role of biodiversity in mitigating parasite impacts in farmed landscapes

Queen’s University Belfast, School of Natural and Built Environment

QUADRAT DTP: Source-to-sink dynamics and palaeo-environment reconstruction from a dynamically evolving glacial foreland
QUADRAT DTP: PALLADIA: ParAíba do suL deLtA seDImentary dynAmics
QUADRAT DTP: Landscapes of Production: Exploring the Palaeaoenvironmental Context of Stone Tool Quarrying, Manufacture, Use and Deposition on Neolithic Shetland
QUADRAT DTP: Investigation of the growth of molds (fungi and bacteria) in bio-based materials made from agro-waste food
QUADRAT DTP: Assessing the restoration of UK Carbon sinks using geophysics and microbiology
QUADRAT DTP: Dynamics of carbon capture in Scottish and Irish peatlands over the past centuries
QUADRAT DTP CASE: Geotechnical Properties of Glacial Tills: Engineering and Environmental Applications
QUADRAT DTP: The impacts of climate change and extreme weather events on cyanobacteria blooms in lakes
QUADRAT DTP: Investigating the timing and causes of nitrogen cycle changes in Bronze Age Ireland
QUADRAT DTP: Multidisciplinary Quantification Ecosystem Services to Streams, Provided by Formerly Afforested Blanket Bog.
QUADRAT DTP: Medical Geology: The Impact of the Natural Environment on Health in Past Populations from Ireland and Scotland