QUADRAT capitalises on its research excellence and network of established collaboration to ensure that our students benefit from unprecedented opportunities for research, training, impact and experience.

Our programme for training involves components of:

  • Core skills training that all postgraduate researchers need to navigate their PhD, effectively communicate their research and be competitive for a range of research careers
  • Generic skills training that provides students with a thorough appreciation of an evolving environmental sciences sector that encompasses bio and geosciences – state-of-the-art research approaches for field data collection and analysis, the legislative, political, social and commercial context in which environmental science operates, as well as drivers of change, stake-holder and end-user interests and conflicts and research challenges
  • Cutting-edge primary research undertaken in conjunction with end-user groups on key challenges around environmental change and environmental management
  • Knowledge exchange and impact to translate new research findings into decision making processes and environmental policy through engagement with stakeholders

Training is tailored to individual needs drawing on our ten complementary and simultaneous training approaches:

  • Field Skills Training
  • Systems-wide Integrated Skills
  • Quantitative and Advanced Skills Training in Environmental Science
  • Internships
  • Public Engagement with Research
  • Strategic Management and Leadership
  • Annual Summer School and Conference
  • Peer to Peer Mentoring
  • Entrepreneurship and Commercialisation Coaching
  • Employability and Professional Skills Training

Students become experts in their research field whilst also gaining the broader skills needed to maximise future employability, citizenship and career aspirations. Frame your future with QUADRAT doctoral training.