Hello! My name is Sasha Wilson and I am a 22 year old student from outside of Belfast. I completed my undergraduate degree at QUB also and I am excited to come back to continue my studies. From a young age our natural world has fascinated me, with my interest only growing as I progressed through school and was able to learn in detail how our planet works. My research will be focusing on recent hydrological changes in Irish peatlands, considering climate warming and human impacts by compiling existing data with new data I will be collecting myself in the field. To relax from the sometimes stressful study/work life, I love walking my dogs and taking myself off into the hills to relax, along with riding my horse Tobias.

I am very excited to begin my PhD and see how my project develops throughout the duration. Ultimately, I want to be able to communicate the science to everyone to spread awareness of how climate warming is influencing all factors of our ecosystems and how that will have a knock-on effect to us as humans.