Author: Emma Watt, BSc Geoscience, University of Aberdeen

Project: Uncovering the seismic signal of the environment in Eastern Scotland

Supervisor: Amy Gilligan, School of Geosciences, University of Aberdeen

The QUADRAT internship I was lucky enough to be selected for in summer 2022 has allowed the personal unique development of a wide variety of key skills across the likes of industry work, research methods and data analysis.

The internship involved visiting several of the locations of two different seismometer types in various areas across North East Scotland. At each site work was undertaken to ensure that the respective seismometer was working as expected, with the likes of checking on their GPS to cleaning solar panels – with alterations made accordingly. Data was collected from the 6TD and Certimus Seismometers, each requiring a slightly differing process to do such, involving hours spent outside during the Scottish summer, bringing with it sometimes challenging conditions. Being in the field was such an intriguing process to be a part of as I was able to see first-hand how such a task is performed.


The following data analysis revealed that the seismometers featured recognition of worldwide earthquakes which was really exciting to see. Filtering of the data was then able to be done to look at factors such as weather and human influence on the data recorded, allowing to it to be seen the best location for seismometers. Additionally, the internship gave me great practise in using code which is something I had been introduced to the semester prior and so I was able to put the new skill into genuine practise which greatly developed my knowledge on it and I really enjoyed seeing its real world implications. Coming with its challenges, any staff I interacted with were also friendly and a great help too. As well, experience in a field of work of great interest to me strengthened my idea of career path.

From May application to September completion, each aspect provided the development of crucial skills outside of those STEM specific, with interview and application experience, as well as the follow up writing jobs being another great aspect! Being able to partake in such at the end of second year I believe to be a rare opportunity, especially being a paid opportunity, and one that only reaps benefits to applicants and participants. The undertaken project also provides a framework for the possibility of using such as a dissertation topic in the final year of study, further adding to the list of benefits and so I strongly advise applying for a QUADRAT internship.