Adaptation and self-fertilization


13/02/2020 4:00 pm

Event Information

This week we will host Matthew Hartfield from the University of Edinburgh as invited speaker for our Thursday SBS seminar.

Matthew is a computational and mathematical evolutionary biologist who is especially interested in understanding why some species choose to partially or fully reproduce without the need for two parents, either via self–fertilisation or some degree of clonal reproduction. I am also keen on investigating genome data from organisms with different reproductive modes, to determine how the nature of selection differs due to the reproduction mode.

He will give a talk titled “Adaptation and self-fertilization

Matthew will be here from late Thursday morning to mid-afternoon on Friday so there is plenty of time for meeting and interacting with him. If you’d like to have a slot with him please let me know soon.

Event Details

SpeakerMatthew Hartfield from the University of Edinburgh
HostSchool of Biological Sciences, University of Aberdeen
VenueSBS Lecture Theatre