Global Challenge Networking Programme Mental Health Research (follow up networking event)


04/09/2019 12:30 pm - 2:00 pm

Event Information

All staff with a research interest in the field of mental health are invited to join Professors Emma Flynn and Paul Connolly for an open networking event and lunch to help further research collaborations on this shared topic.

Following on from an initial networking event (held on 30 January) and a subsequent series of brainstorming sessions, this event is centred on:

  • Examining the findings from the brainstorming sessions which focused on framing the main thematic and cross-cutting issues in mental health and providing a structure for future collaboration at Queen’s;
  • Identifying the areas of strength / expertise within Queen’ as well as gaps and weaknesses;
  • Identifying areas of potential future research interest;
  • Outlining the next steps for advancing collaborations in mental health research.

Professor Paul Connolly will open the event by introducing the proposed schema for mental health research and providing an overview of the main thematic and cross-cutting issues. Professor Emma Flynn will then lead group discussions which will test and refine each of the thematic areas of mental health, identify strengths and gaps in expertise, and highlight areas of potential future research interest. The event will conclude by focusing on outlining the next steps and forward actions.

By bringing staff from a range of Schools together, the networking event is centred on creating new connections, facilitating greater exchange and the sharing of ideas, and fostering deeper cross-disciplinary engagement which could potentially bring new perspectives to the field and support further funder engagement.

Networking event – Agenda

  • Networking lunch (12:30-1:00)
  • Introducing a schema for mental health research (1:00-1:15)
  • Roundtable discussions  – testing and refining the thematic areas of mental health and identifying areas of further research interest (1:15-1:35)
  • Summary, forward actions and next steps (1:35-2:00)

Please email if you wish to attend.