Aberdeen researchers share climate change, fish and North Sea energy insights at global summit

The sustainable use of our oceans comes under the spotlight in Norway this week with Aberdeen researchers stepping onto the global stage to share their insights.

One Ocean Week is an annual event that aims to raise awareness and share knowledge about the crucial role the oceans play in sustainable development in a global perspective. The week is part of the UN Decade of the Ocean, as one of the activities around the world that will help improve the situation in the oceans towards 2030.

Professor Nicholas Forsyth, Professor John Underhill and Dr Tara Marshall from the University of Aberdeen will be in Bergen for the event which runs from April 13-19.

Professor Underhill and Dr Marshall are both speakers at the conference and will present keynote talks at ‘The North Sea – past, present and future’ event on Wednesday (April 17).

Professor Underhill, Interdisciplinary Director for Energy Transition, commented: “It is an honour to be invited to deliver a keynote address detailing the North Sea’s past, current and future role as an energy hub at One Ocean Week in Bergen. The invitation to present at the meeting recognises the significance of the shared offshore waters between the UK and Norway and build upon the strong links forged between the Universities of Aberdeen and Bergen that culminated in the signing of a strategic agreement in November last year.

“The data acquired and methods deployed over six decades of oil and gas activity in offshore waters of the North Sea is now being utilised to characterise, test and critically evaluate low-carbon renewable energy solutions and carbon storage opportunities. The analysis of the data is crucial for determining what technology or alternative stakeholder has primacy when overlaps exist and conflicts emerge. The resultant roadmap underpins plans that enable the UK and Norway to address the energy trilemma, namely, how to maintain a secure, environmentally sustainable, and affordable energy supply, decarbonise industry, reduce emissions, achieve climate compatibility and meet net zero targets.”

Dr Marshall, from the School of Biological Sciences, will deliver a talk that will establish the salience of climate change to the yields of shared fish stocks in the North Sea including cod. A range of mitigation measures and adaptation responses will be identified for the UK fishing industry that are relevant to the international seafood production system in which Norway is a key player.

Professor Forsyth, Vice-Principal (Research) at the University, said: “I am delighted to be able to attend the One Ocean Week event representing the University, and I look forward to having the opportunity to meet and hear from attendees from around the world to focus on the part we can all play towards ensuring that we are conserving and using the ocean in a sustainable way.

“It is great that delegates will hear from Tara and John, who I am sure will deliver fantastic presentations highlighting just some of the vital research being undertaken here at Aberdeen.”

For more information about One Ocean Week visit www.oneoceanweek.com

Notes for Editors

Notes for Editors

Taken from the University of Aberdeen, School of Biological Sciences website. The University of Aberdeen published this article here on 11 April 2024.

Image: Professor Nicholas Forsyth, Dr Tara Marshall and Professor John Underhill

PublishedThursday April 11th, 2024