New research highlights the long-term impacts of flooding

The profound and long-lasting impacts of flooding on individuals, businesses and communities in Scotland is highlighted in research published today.

Commissioned by the Centre of Expertise for Waters (CREW) the Long-term impacts of flooding following the winter 2015/16 flooding in North East Scotland project was co-led by Lorna Philip, Geography and Environment and Mags Currie, James Hutton Institute. Gillian Dowds, Geography and Environment also worked on the research. The research highlights immediate and longer-term impacts of flooding. The research team and participants worked together to produce advice to others at risk of being flooded in the future and recommendations designed to enhance measures for flood risk management and personal and community resilience were developed.

Some findings from the research were presented at the recent Scotland’ Flood Risk Management Conference 2020. Speaking at the conference Roseanna Cunningham MSP, the Cabinet Secretary for Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform said:

“You have heard today that following the floods we commissioned a three year study to help us better understand the long term impacts on residents in two communities in Aberdeenshire. It is rare to have so much insight into the experiences of people affected by flooding over such a long period of time… I urge you to read the report when it is published next month”.

A feature article about the research has been published in The Guardian today and is available at

The final reports of the research (a Summary and a Comprehensive Report) are available at

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PublishedWednesday February 12th, 2020