University of Aberdeen
Pronouns She/Her/Hers
Current Position Senior Lecturer
Telephone +44 (0)1224 273492
Departments School of Geosciences
Quadrat Core Themes Earth Systems, Environmental Management
Methods I Use Bio / Geo / Chemical Analytical, Modelling, Omics and Informatics


Key Research Interests

  • Uncertainty in data interpretation and visualization – current work: with psychologists on eye tracking interpretation of
    seismic image data, use of digital technologies and data framing; with industry on stochastic models, expert elicitation, data
    analysis and AI.
  • Energy policy, communication of geoscience related energy issues, environmental impacts of energy choices,
    perceptions of energy – current work through ClimateXChange: on shale gas perceptions, the use of precise language
    and terminology in communication of energy issues, life cycle analysis; and through an EU ERAl ERA NET project on CCS,
    just transition, perception of CCS.
  • Structural controls on fluid flow in the crust in relation to a wide range of challenges e.g. CCS, geothermal energy,
    mineralisation etc.
  • The use of photogrammetry in structural analysis with potential for AI.
  • Deformation partitioning in the crust including mechanical controls, and the use of raman spectroscopy to determine
    thermal maturity and deformation.

Recent Key Papers

  • Cawood, A.J., Bond, C.E., Howell, J.A., Butler, R.W. and Totake, Y., 2017. LiDAR, UAV or compassl clinometer?
    Accuracy, coverage and the effects on structural models. Journal of Structural Geology, 98, pp.67l 82.
  • Bond, C.E., Roberts, J., Hastings, A.F.S.J., Shipton, Z., Joao, E., Tabyldy, K. and Stephenson, M., 2014. Lifel cycle
    assessment of greenhouse gas emissions from unconventional gas in Scotland. ClimateXChange.
  • Bond, C.E., Shipton, Z.K., Jones, R.R., Butler, R.W.H. and Gibbs, A.D., 2007. Knowledge transfer in a digital world: Field data
    acquisition, uncertainty, visualization, and data management. Geosphere, 3(6), pp.568l 576.

Summary Title of Current Studentships

  • Kinematics and structural complexity in deepl water thrust belts: examples from subsurface (offshore Sabah) and outcrops (Champsaur, western Alps)
  • Quantifying strain partitioning in multil layers: the use of virtual outcrop analysis to investigate patterns of deformation
  • Deformation localisation in thrustl stacked carbonates – an investigation of mechanical stratigraphy and thermal maturity.
  • Evaluating consistency in complex structural models in areas of high interpretation uncertainties.
  • Estimating Stretching Factors for the Upper Crust across Sedimentary Basins: Seismic Approaches Using Time Series Historical Datasets.
  • Interpreting foldl thrust structures: how good are idealized models?