University of Aberdeen
Current Position Lecturer in Global Hydrology and Water Security
Previous Position Researcher, Estación Experimental de Aula - CSIC, Spain
Departments School of Geosciences
Quadrat Core Themes Earth Systems
Methods I Use Modelling

Key Research Interests

  • Evaluation and prospective of water resources in mountain areas under climate change
  • Decision support systems for water resources management.
  • River basin scale drought risk
  • Agricultural water management and climate adaptation
  • Potential applications of artificial intelligence to water resources operation, planning, and management

Recent Key Papers

  • Haro-Monteagudo, D., Palazón, L., & Beguería, S. (2020). Long-term sustainability of large water resource systems under climate change: A cascade modeling approach. Journal of Hydrology, 582, 124546.
  • Clarke, D., Hess, T. M., Haro-Monteagudo, D., Semenov, M. A., & Knox, J. W. (2021). Assessing future drought risks and wheat yield losses in England. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 297, 108248.
  • Knox, J. W., Haro‐Monteagudo, D., Hess, T. M., & Morris, J. (2018). Identifying Trade‐Offs and Reconciling Competing Demands for Water: Integrating Agriculture Into a Robust Decision‐Making Framework. Earth’s Future, 6(10), 1457-1470.

Summary Title of Current Studentships

  • QUADRAT DTP student, Ioanna Samakovlis: The future of irrigated agriculture in Europe’s mountainous regions; exploring trade-offs and synergies for climate adaptation