University of Aberdeen
Current Position Senior Lecturer and Director MSc in GIS/AICSM/UCEMM
Telephone +44 (0)1224 272324
Departments School of Geosciences
Quadrat Core Themes Biodiversity, Environmental Management
Methods I Use Modelling


Key Research Interests

  • Airborne and underwater environmental remote sensing/GIS/soft-copy photogrammetry/geo-visualisation using UAV/ROVs (UCEMM:
  • Applications to: Coastal and marine, hydrology, precision agriculture/viticulture
  • Medical and Health GIS (Smart Techologies)
  • Marine and Coastal Management, Marine Spatial Planning, Participatory GIS

Recent Key Papers

  • Gomez, C., and Green, D.R., 2017. Small-scale Unmanned Airborne Platforms to Support Oil and Gas Pipeline Monitoring and Mapping. Arabian Journal of Geosciences. Vol. 10(9):1-17.
  • Green, D.R., 2017. Analysis of Aeromedical Retrieval Coverage Using Elliptical Isochrones: An Evaluation of Helicopter Fleet Size Configurations in Scotland. Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery. Vol. 82(3):550-556. (with Dodds, N., Emerson, P., Phillips, S., and Jansen, J.O.).
  • Green, D.R., 2017. Use of Automatic Digital Photogrammetry to support and assess river restoration projects. (with Marteau, B., Vericat, D., Batalla, R.J., and Gibbins, C.N). Earth Surface Processes and Landforms. Volume 42, Issue 3:503–515.

Summary Title of Current Studentships

  • MASTS/SNH Studentship – Mapping, monitoring and modelling coastal habitats with UAVs
  • NERC CASE Studentship – Using unmanned aerial vehicles to assess the thermal impacts of dams
  • UoA Studentship – The Scottish approach to marine renewables and spatial planning (just completed)