Queen's University, Belfast

Pronouns She/Her/Hers
Current Position Professor of Archaeology
Telephone +44 (0)28 9097 3979
Email eileen.murphy@qub.ac.uk
Departments School of Natural and Built Environment
Quadrat Core Themes Biodiversity, Environmental Management
Methods I Use Bio / Geo / Chemical Analytical



Phonetic spelling of name: Ai-leen Moor-fee

Key Research Interests

  • Human Osteoarchaeology and Palaeopathology
  • Human-Environmental Interactions
  • Palaeodietary Analysis
  • Social Bioarchaeology
  • Archaeozoology

Recent Key Papers

  • Geber, J. and Murphy, E. 2018. Dental markers of poverty: biocultural deliberations on oral health of the poor in mid‐nineteenth‐century Ireland. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 167, 840-55. https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1002/ajpa.23717
  • Taylor, G. M., Murphy, E. M., Mendum, T. A., Pike, A. W. G., Linscott, B., Wu, H., O’Grady, J., Richardson, H., O’Donovan, E., Troy, C. and Stewart, G. R. 2018. Leprosy at the edge of Europe—Biomolecular, isotopic and osteoarchaeological findings from medieval Ireland. PLoS ONE 13 (12): e0209495. https://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0209495
  • Loyer, J., Murphy, E., Ruppe, M., Moiseyev, V., Khartanovich, V., Zammit, J., Rottier, S., Potrakhov, N., Bessonov, V. and Obodovskiy, A. 2019. Co-morbidity with hypertrophic osteoarthropathy: a possible Iron Age Sarmatian case from the Volga steppe of Russia. International Journal of Paleopathology 24, 66-78.

Summary Title of Current Studentships

  • Palaeopathology of Ornithopod Dinosaurs
  • Biomechanics of Physically Impaired Individuals from Medieval Ireland
  • Mapping the Physical and Religious Influences Behind Cillíní Distribution on the Island of Ireland
  • QUADRAT DTP student, Stine Carlsson: Medical Geology: The Impact of the Natural Environment on Health in Past Populations from Ireland and Scotland
  • QUADRAT DTP student, Ryan Montgomery: Human-Animal-Environmental Interactions at Late Medieval Religious Foundations in Ulster