University of Aberdeen
Current Position Senior Lecturer
Previous Position Lecturer
Telephone +44 (0)1224 272409
Departments School of Biological Sciences
Quadrat Core Themes Environmental Management
Methods I Use Bio / Geo / Chemical Analytical, Omics and Informatics


Key Research Interests

  • Plant genetics
  • Arsenic and cadmium cycling in the environment
  • Plant ionomics
  • Impact of salinity on plant growth
  • Soil amendment for improving plant growth

Recent Key Papers

  • Norton, GJ., Travis, AJ., Douglas, A., Fairley, S., De Paiva Alves, E., Ruang-areerate, P., Naredo, E., McNally, KL., Sumon, M., Islam, R. & Price, AH. (2018). ‘Genome Wide Association mapping of grain and straw biomass traits in the rice Bengal and Assam Aus Panel (BAAP) grown under alternate wetting and drying and permanently flooded irrigation’. Frontiers in plant science, vol. 9, 1223.
  • Chowdhury, MTA., Deacon, CM., Steel, E., Huq, SMI., Paton, GI., Price, AH., Williams, PN., Meharg, AA. & Norton, GJ. (2018). ‘Physiographical variability in arsenic dynamics in Bangladeshi soils’. Science of the Total Environment, vol. 612, pp. 1365-1372.
  • Norton, GJ., Shafaei, M., Travis, AJ., Deacon, CM., Danku, J., Pond, D., Cochrane, N., Lockhart, K., Salt, D., Zhang, H., Dodd, IC., Hossain, M., Islam, MR. & Price, AH. (2017). ‘Impact of alternate wetting and drying on rice physiology, grain production, and grain quality’. Field Crops Research, vol. 205, pp. 1-13.

Summary Title of Current Studentships

  • Increasing crop production through effective management of soil salinity in the Coastal area in the Seychelles nuclear and related techniques
  • Introgressing resilience and resource efficiency traits from Scots Bere to elite barley lines
  • Arsenic in rice in Malawi
  • Chromium in Nigerian soils and crops
  • Bioinformatics analysis of plant genomes
  • Salt tolerance in the BAAP
  • Relationship between cadmium accumulation and tolerance in rice
  • Bankane disease in rice. Tri-trophic interactions
  • Impact of pH on grassland productivity in Scotland
  • A risk framework to establish the ecotoxicity and fate of anaerobic digestate in soil
  • The roots of soil and food security