University of Aberdeen
Current Position Honorary Professor in Mars Research and Astrobiology
Previous Position Senior Researcher, Centro de Astrobiología, Spain
Departments School of Geosciences
Quadrat Core Themes Biodiversity, Earth Systems
Methods I Use Environmental Chambers, Instrument Design, Modelling, Simulation Facility


Key Research Interests

  • Mars habitability
  • Atmosphere-Soil interaction
  • Biomarker detection and planetary protection
  • Planetary exploration
  • Water cycle

Recent Key Papers

  • Azua-Bustos, A., González-Silva, C., Fernández-Martínez, M.Á. ..,-P. Zorzano. Aeolian transport of viable microbial life across the Atacama Desert, Chile: Implications for Mars. Sci Rep9, 11024 (2019).
  • Mateo-Marti, E., Galvez-Martinez, S., Gil-Lozano, C. .. -P. Zorzano.Pyrite-induced uv-photocatalytic abiotic nitrogen fixation: implications for early atmospheres and Life. Sci Rep 9, 15311 (2019).
  • Nazarious, M.I.; Zorzano, M.-P.; Martín-Torres, J. Metabolt: An In-Situ Instrument to Characterize the Metabolic Activity of Microbial Soil Ecosystems Using Electrochemical and Gaseous Signatures. Sensors202020, 4479. org/10.3390/S20164479

Summary Title of Current Studentships

I would be interested in collaborating on project proposals related to:

  • Comparative study of microbiome adaptation to Martian soil conditions and analogue environments on Earth.
  • Biomarker and life detection in samples from the Mars Sample Return mission.