University of Aberdeen
Current Position Professor in Mars Research and Astrobiology
Previous Position Professor in Atmospheric Science, LTU
Departments School of Geosciences
Quadrat Core Themes Biodiversity, Earth Systems
Methods I Use Environmental Chambers, Instrument Design, Modelling, Simulation Facility


Key Research Interests

  • Mars habitability
  • Atmosphere-Soil interaction
  • Biomarker detection and planetary protection
  • Planetary exploration
  • Water cycle

Recent Key Papers

  • Azua-Bustos, A., González-Silva, C., Fernández-Martínez, M.Á. ..,-P. Zorzano. Aeolian transport of viable microbial life across the Atacama Desert, Chile: Implications for Mars. Sci Rep9, 11024 (2019).
  • Mateo-Marti, E., Galvez-Martinez, S., Gil-Lozano, C. .. -P. Zorzano.Pyrite-induced uv-photocatalytic abiotic nitrogen fixation: implications for early atmospheres and Life. Sci Rep 9, 15311 (2019).
  • Nazarious, M.I.; Zorzano, M.-P.; Martín-Torres, J. Metabolt: An In-Situ Instrument to Characterize the Metabolic Activity of Microbial Soil Ecosystems Using Electrochemical and Gaseous Signatures. Sensors202020, 4479. org/10.3390/S20164479

Summary Title of Current Studentships

I would be interested in collaborating on project proposals related to:

  • Comparative study of microbiome adaptation to Martian soil conditions and analogue environments on Earth.
  • Biomarker and life detection in samples from the Mars Sample Return mission.