University of Aberdeen
Pronouns He/Him/His
Current Position Reader
Telephone +44 (0)1224 273034
Departments School of Geosciences
Quadrat Core Themes Earth Systems



Phonetic spelling of name: matˈtɛːo

Key Research Interests

  • Glaciology; including ice sheet/stream, alpine glaciations and glaciers-volcanoes interaction
  • Geomorphology and landscape evolution; including high altitude, high latitude and sea bed environments
  • Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System (GIS); including drones/UAV/geophysics
  • Palaeoclimatology; via the landscape response to climate changes
  • Geochronology; including cosmogenic isotope exposure dating and palaeothermometry

Recent Key Papers

  • Barr, I., Lynch, C., Mullan, D., De Siena, L., Spagnolo, M. (2018). Volcanic impacts on modern glaciers: a global synthesis. Earth-Science Reviews, 182, 186-203 doi:10.1016/j.earscirev.2018.04.008
  • Clark, C.D., Ely, J.C., Spagnolo, M., Hahn, U., Hughes, A.L.C., Stokes, C.R. (2018). Spatial organization of drumlins. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 43, 499-513. 10.1002/esp.4192
  • Spagnolo, M., Bartholomaus, T.C., Clark, C.D., Stokes, C.R., Atkinson, N., Dowdeswell, J.A., Ely, J.C., Graham, A., Hogan, K.A., King, Larter, R.D., E., Livingstone, S.J., Pritchard. H.D. (2017). The periodic topography of ice stream beds: insights from the Fourier spectra of mega-scale glacial lineations. Journal of Geophysical Research – Earth Surface, 122, 1355-1373. 10.1002/2016JF004154

Summary Title of Current Studentships

  • The application of millimetre wave radar to the study of volcano-glacier interactions and ice-ocean interactions in conditions of reduced visibility
  • Climate at the onset of the Antarctic ice-sheet growth: a detailed analysis of ice-buried glacial cirques
  • Monitoring volcanoes with integrated geophysical methods and geographical information systems
  • Characterisation of glacigenic reservoirs and landsystems using sedimentology, geomorphology and virtual outcrop mapping
  • Gas hydrates in the North Atlantic Ocean: Sea bed instabilities and future climate change
  • The association between proximity of fast food restaurants and secondary students’ eating behaviour during lunchtime in Aberdeen
  • QUADRAT DTP student, Lucy Ashpitel: The effect of climate change on glacier-derived water resources in high mountainous regions
  • QUADRAT DTP student, Tryggvi Unnsteinsson: Ice on Fire: exploring the relationship between glaciers and volcanoes