Academic Year 2020-2021
Institution Queen's University, Belfast


School: School of Biological Sciences

Project: Microbial social lives: A multi-scale systems approach to decode microbial metabolic networks

Supervisors: Dr Deepak Kumaresan and Dr Jean-Christophe Comte

Undergraduate Education: BSc Biotechnology and Microbiology, University of York

Postgraduate Education: N/A

Research: My project revolves around the elucidation of metabolic pathways within and between the methane oxidising bacteria (MOBs) of Movile Cave as well as understanding their interaction with the geochemistry of the cave. Movile Cave is an interesting ecosystem as it has been effectively sealed from the surface for the 5.5 million years and its energy is derived from chemosynthesis using the methane and hydrogen sulphide from the thermal springs below. The project has the potential to use a wide variety of techniques to achieve a multi-scale understanding of these metabolic networks; from metagenomics, stable isotope probing and synthetic communities to proteomics and genetic knockouts.