Academic Year 2021-2022
Institution University of Aberdeen


School: School of Geosciences

Project: Study the role of microbial networks on carbon cycling under controlled pressure and temperature conditions

Supervisors: Professor Javier Martin-TorresDr Deepak Kumaresan

Undergraduate Education: Bachelor of Engineering in Biotechnology, Ramaiah Institute of Technology, India

Postgraduate Education: Master of Science in Molecular Life Sciences, University of Bern, Switzerland.

Research: This project will study the role of microbial networks on carbon cycling for selected microorganisms at different pressure, temperature and atmospheric gas conditions using the Space-Q environmental chamber at UoA, wherein the mentioned controlled conditions including relative humidity and radiation can be created. I will monitor the evolution of environmental variables of the soil and microbes under different nutrient regimes using the Metabolt system and will characterise the response using state of the art stable isotope probing enabled metagenomic sequencing as a part of the collaboration with Queen’s University, Belfast. The results of this study will allow identification of the key gaseous signatures from soil/microbes related to environmental changes, and the implication for global warming. As an extrapolation of this study, the impact of Martian conditions on future in-situ resources production in controlled environments for Moon and Mars exploration can be inferred. This is critical for the future long-duration space missions such as settlements on the Moon and eventually Mars.

Other: Hi! I’m a B.E – Biotechie born and raised in Bangalore, India. Apart from being fascinated by microbes, space research excites me. This combined interest led me to pursue my PhD in Astrobiology.

Besides science, adventures and associated sports excite me. Dance, music and hiking have always been my go-to mood. Being a foodie I love to travel, explore various cuisines and experience diverse cultures. I’m always up to conversations and open to questions so feel free to contact!



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