Academic Year 2023-2024
Institution Queen's University, Belfast


Pronouns: she/her

Name pronunciation: s-a-ee-d-e     b-u-gh-u-n-ee-u-n

School: School of Natural and Built Environment

Project: Novel Assessment Tools for Wave Dampening by Marine and Coastal Vegetation

Supervisors: Dr Pal Schmitt, Dr David Green & Prof Gerard Hamill

Undergraduate Education: BSc Civil Engineering, Fasa University, Iran

Postgraduate Education: MSc Civil (Coastal) Engineering, K.N. Toosi University of Technology, Iran

Research: The aim of this research is to advance understanding of the interaction between marine and coastal vegetation and waves. The key focus of this project is to improve the mechanisms of wave dampening due to wave-stem and stem-wake interaction and the influence of factors like vegetation stiffness and deformation amplitude. A comprehensive approach is employed, incorporating both experimental studies and numerical simulations across varied wave conditions. Experimental data will be utilized to validate the simulation of the wave tank for submerged vegetation with specific characteristics.

The interaction between waves and coastal vegetation is complex and varies depending on the type of plants involved and their location. There are three main types of wave-resistant plants: those that are fully submerged and flexible, partially submerged and semi-flexible, and fully emergent and stiff. These plants affect wave behaviour differently. Factors like plant density, flexibility, and wave characteristics also influence this interaction. Coastal vegetation can undergo physical changes when exposed to strong wave forces, either permanently or temporarily. Understanding this interaction requires considering the diverse characteristics of vegetation across different species and locations.

By focusing on improving wave dampening mechanisms and validating wave tank simulations for submerged vegetation, this research aims to advance understanding of the interaction between marine vegetation and waves. Future progress will consider the diverse characteristics of vegetation across species and locations in managing coastal protection.



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