Academic Year 2023-2024
Institution Queen's University, Belfast


School: School of Natural and Built Environment

Project: Development of Multi-Disciplinary Methods for Assessment of Permafrost Degradation on Road Transport Infrastructure

Supervisors: Helen Roe & Su Taylor

Undergraduate Education: BSc Geography (Hons), Queen’s University Belfast

Postgraduate Education: N/A

Research: Permafrost environments are delicate environments which are extremely susceptible to alterations in response to climate change and the development of artificial road transportation networks. In turn, this puts these vital road transportation networks at great risk from changing permafrost landscapes.

My project seeks to create a novel multi-disciplinary framework of survey methods, extracted from the disciplines of geography, paleoecology and engineering, to assess the extent of permafrost degradation in the quaternary and it’s relationship to the structural integrity and durability of remote road networks. This will be developed with a view to informing the future management and development of these road transport networks. The intended study area is the province of North-West Territories, Canada.