Academic Year 2021-2022
Institution Queen's University, Belfast


Pronouns: they/them

School: School of Biological Sciences

Project: Greening cities: biodiversity and ecosystem services associated with street trees, from ecology to planning

Supervisors: Dr Paul Caplat, Professor Greg Keefe, Professor David Burslem, & Dr Juliano Morimoto

Undergraduate Education: BSc Zoology, Queen’s University Belfast

Postgraduate Education: MSc Ecological Management and Conservation Biology, Queen’s University Belfast

Research: Under the current climate and biodiversity crises, many cities are turning to urban afforestation. Whilst a wealth of research has been conducted on urban “green” areas (such as parks and gardens) significantly less attention has been paid to street trees, which typically exist in areas dominated by tarmac or concrete.

I’m particularly interested in the spatial ecology of this system, focusing on the connectivity of street trees, and how connectivity differs across functional insect groups, as well as how spatial distribution of physical characteristics of the cityscape affect biodiversity.

This project will rely primarily on field surveys conducted within the urban areas of Belfast (Northern Ireland), Aberdeen (Scotland), and Malmo (Sweden).

Photo by Vladimir Kudinov on Unsplash


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