I’m thrilled to be joining the University of Aberdeen this Autumn as part of the QUADRAT DTP studying palaeo and present ice stream dynamics. My most recent research has focused on decadal-scale changes in ice dynamics on Alexander Island, Antarctic Peninsula for my MSc in Quaternary Science; with broader research interests in glacier reconstructions, geomorphology, ice sheet dynamics, glacial sedimentology, and geochronology.

Earlier in the year, I was lucky enough to complete fieldwork in the North-West of Scotland. From coring isolation basins, mapping the retreat of a Little Ice Age glacier, and observing the physical imprints of changing ice-dammed lake, I was able to witness first-hand the brilliance of the Scottish landscape and its scientific importance.

One of the highlights of being at the University of Aberdeen is being so close to such amazing landscapes. Another is being able to work with world-leading researchers within the field of glaciology, at both the University of Aberdeen and Queen’s University Belfast.

Glen Coe