Hi everyone, my name is Stine Marie Carlsson and I am an almost 26-year-old originally from Denmark. I graduated Queen’s University Belfast in 2018 with a Joint Honours BA in Archaeology and History and then went on to do my MSc in Forensic Anthropology, which I graduated from in 2019.

My QUADRAT research, which is based in Belfast, is investigating the relationship between human skeletal health and the environment in Medieval populations from the north of Ireland and Scotland. I will be using newly developed methods for recording stress lesions and linear enamel hypoplasia (LEH), which I will be trained in at Aberdeen. I think the relationship between the environment and human health is an immensely fascinating and interesting one, and the more recently developed discipline of Medical Geology really caught my attention with this project.

I have always loved studying and going to school, and really delving deep into a project is something I love to do. My favourite part of both my BA and my MSc were the projects that led to the theses. Being able to thoroughly research and familiarise myself with a subject and the lab work is something that I am really excited about. Ever since I my first year as an Undergraduate at Queen’s I knew that I wanted to work with human bones, so it is an absolute dream come true that I am now able to do that for my PhD project with QUADRAT.