This week (2-6th November 2020) is International Stress Awareness Week so let us all start taking care of ourselves, being more stress-aware and look for ways to overcome it.

International Stress Awareness Day and Week aims to raise awareness about stress prevention and stress management. This is particularly important during the current Covid-19 pandemic, throughout which we have all had to adjust to a new, more restricted lifestyle and consequently new and challenging everyday stresses.

There are lots of free resources out there, so be sure to make the most of them! I’ve summarised a few below:


Health info: what is stress? How can I identify what is causing me to feel stressed? Is stress a mental health problem? How can I manage my stress? There are lots of websites and articles which can help you to learn about what is causing your stress, and how you might be able to manage it: what is stress?

NHS stress busters: reduce your stress

Stress management techniques

Stress Management Society



University Resources: both universities provide lots of free services to students. If you feel you need support of any kind, why not have a look at these websites to see what we can offer?



Blogs and articles: it can be helpful to read blog posts written by other PhD students, you’ll pick up lots of tips and tricks.

Greenbox: national stress awareness day

Understanding and managing stress

The Grad Student Way

Tips on dealing with PhD stress

You Are Not Your PhD: Managing Stress During Doctoral Candidature

7 Ways PhD Students and Academics Can Deal with Stress, Anxiety And Depression

Dealing with PhD Stress

Staying on top of stress as a PhD student

Why walking in woods is good for you

How nature is good for mental health

Nature and mental health

Patter is a very informative and realistic blog covering all things PhD! Patter also signposts to some great resources. You might find these posts of interest…

Patter: Stress and the writing body

Patter: Pandemics and PhDs

Patter: #startingthePhD? managing expectations


Stress relieving activities:

39 PhD Mindfulness Exercises to De-Stress Your PhD

Mindfulness can help PhD students shift from surviving to thriving

Staying on top of stress as a PhD student

Nature for Wellbeing


Remember, YOU ARE NOT ALONE 😊 you have a whole community around you who are happy to help if and when you need it, just ask…