Hey, my name is Bryan Magwood, and I am a 23 year old student studying at the University of Aberdeen. I am originally from Northern Ireland, and I have strong ties to both regions part of the QUADRAT DTP. I studied my undergraduate degree in Geology at the University of Aberdeen, where my passion for geoscience and utilising the subsurface to help solve the challenges we currently face blossomed. I went on to study an MSc in Subsurface Energy Systems, where I developed a fascination with Geothermal energy as a renewable energy source.

My QUADRAT project is closely related, and it is titled “The Low Enthalpy Geothermal Potential of Shallow Aquifers in Northern Ireland and Northern Scotland.” My project expands upon the skills I have developed during my undergraduate and master’s degrees. In my MSc dissertation, I evaluated the deep geothermal potential of Northern Ireland, so I look forward to building upon this to understand the shallow geothermal resources present across NI and Northern Scotland.

My research involves:

  • How low enthalpy shallow aquifers can be used to decarbonise the heating sector and their application to develop sustainable energy, provide energy storage solutions, and combat climate change.

My aspirations:

  • I want to drive change and make the world a better place. To me, this means helping companies make their operations sustainable (environmentally, economically, and socially) and divert from traditional oil and gas to shallow/deep geothermal power and heating.

I am a keen hiker, lover of fieldwork, and being outdoors.