Hi I’m Molly, beginning a PhD on the way different environmental conditions affect the breakdown of kelp into carbon stored in sediment. Blue carbon is a hot topic with greater understanding of the role these habitats play in climate mitigation coming to light. However, the importance of algae is contested so I hope to uncover evidence for their inclusion amongst other significant blue carbon habitats such as seagrass and mangroves. I am very excited to start this research, as there is much scope to look at a range of processes from microbial communities to hydrodynamics using field, boat and laboratory techniques.


My interest in blue carbon began during my Masters, looking at the impact of coastal developments on blue carbon habitats around Scotland, utilising ArcGIS mapping to answer spatial questions. I hope to engage with public platforms to bring my research to a wider audience than just the scientific community. I also hope any findings on the role algae plays in carbon sequestration could help enlighten policy to protect these habitats.

Outside of academics, I love to stay active above and below the surface of the water. I have been a keen scuba diver for many years and have recently got into sea swimming. I love camping and hiking and am always up for trying new sports such as Ultimate Frisbee and Volleyball. Over lockdown I got into knitting, a hobby I don’t see disappearing anytime soon 🙂