Academic Year 2021-2022
Institution Queen's University, Belfast


School: School of Natural and Built Environment

Project: Quantifying kelp detrital pathways: what is potentially locked away as Blue Carbon?

Supervisors: Dr. Louise Kregting, Professor Ursula Witte &Professor Jaimie Dick

Undergraduate Education: BSc (Sons) Applied Marine Biology at Bangor University

Postgraduate Education: MSc International Marine Science at Heriot-Watt University, Orkney Campus

Research: The main aim of the project is to understand the role kelp habitats play in blue carbon sequestration, which is important for climate change mitigation. There are diverse opportunities to investigate how microbial communities, hydrodynamics, biogeochemistry and ecosystem ecology interact in the Irish Sea.

Laboratory and field work will be utilised as well as voyages aboard the RV Corystes, including: carbon and nitrogen isotopic analysis of detrital material; long-term oceanographic monitoring to discern differences under varying environmental conditions and across temporal and spatial scales; grab sampling, coring and degradation experiments.

The hope is to have a high level of public engagement and policy discussions within this project to bring the results to a wider audience outside the scientific community.

Other: External collaborator is Dr. William Hunter from AFBI (CASE Partner)