An interview with Christina Biamis!

Read Christina’s interview on “how I utilise the northern fulmar as a wild sentinel species for plastic exposure” now available in Wiley Analytical Science Magazine here:

Article title: A complete multidisciplinary analysis of the Northern fulmar to study the long-term effects of plastic contaminants

Article overview: Christina Biamis, Ph.D. student at Queen’s University Belfast, sat down with Tarun Anumol, director of the global environment market at Agilent, to discuss her fascinating research into the impact of plastic exposure on seabirds, and what this could ultimately reveal for the future of human health.

Read the full article on page 32 in Wiley Analytical Science Magazine Volume 2 – April/22.

Photograph of a fulmar, provided by Paul Thompson

Notes for Editors

PublishedTuesday April 18th, 2023