University of Aberdeen
Current Position Reader in Environmental Geography
Telephone +44 (0)1224 273837
Departments School of Geosciences
Quadrat Core Themes Biodiversity, Environmental Management


Key Research Interests

  • The application of ecosystem service / natural capital concepts to marine protected area governance and coastal management;
  • Marine natural resource management o Developing participatory and survey based approaches to map social values, uses and benefits of the coastal environment and wellbeing;
  • Sustainable seafood movements and market based approaches to sustainability such as eco-labelling and traceability in fisheries and aquaculture;
  • The political ecology of green / blue economic transitions.

Recent Key Papers

  • McKinley, E., Aller-Rojas, O., Hattam, C., Germond-Duret, C., San Martín, IV., Hopkins, CR., Aponte, H. & Potts, T. ‘Charting the course for a blue economy in Peru: a research agenda’. Environment, Development and Sustainability, pp. 1-23.
  • Burdon, D., Potts, T., Barbone, C. & Mander, L. (2017). ‘The matrix revisited: A bird’s-eye view of marine ecosystem service provision’. Marine Policy, vol. 77, pp. 78-89.
  • Potts, T., Pita, C., O’Higgins, T. & Mee, LD. (2016). ‘Who cares? European attitudes towards marine and coastal environments’. Marine Policy, vol. 72, 72, pp. 59-66.

Summary Title of Current Studentships

  • Addressing the challenges of Marine Protected Areas and Brexit (Barbone)
  • Green Economy Transitions in Ghana: A study of tourism and renewable energy
  • The evolution of citizen science movements and marine stewardship in the UK
  • Facilitating a Natural Capital Approach in Marine Protected Area Governance in the UK
  • QUADRAT DTP student, Aya El Samad: Understanding Social Values on Low Carbon Sub-surface Technologies in Scotland and Northern Ireland