Academic Year 2021-2022
Institution Queen's University, Belfast


Pronouns: he/they

School: School of the Natural and Built Environment

Project: Dynamics of carbon capture in Scottish and Irish peatlands over the past centuries

Supervisors: Dr Maarten Blaauw, Dr Dmitri Mauquoy, Dr Gill Plunkett, & Dr. Rebekka Artz

Undergraduate Education: BA in Natural Sciences (Plant Sciences) at the University of Cambridge

Postgraduate Education: MSc in Biodiversity and Taxonomy of Plants at the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh and the University of Edinburgh

Research: This research project will focus on carbon storage in peatlands in Scotland and Northern Ireland over the last few centuries. Peatlands are a key carbon store, as they contain about 30% of the world’s soil carbon, but cover only 3% of the world’s land. In the UK, 10% of land is covered by peatlands, and 13% of all blanket bog worldwide is in the UK, and concentrated in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Specifically, this research project will aim to gain a better understanding of carbon sequestration over the last few hundred years by combining techniques including C-14 dating and Bayesian statistics, among others

(source for statistics: IUCN UK peatland programme)

Other: N/A