Academic Year 2022-2023
Institution University of Aberdeen


School: School of Biological Sciences

Project : Cumulative effects of predation and bycatch in Northern Fulmar metapopulation dynamics

Supervisors: Dr Ana Payo-Payo, Dr Paul Caplat, & Dr Thomas Bodey

Undergraduate Education: Animal Science, Michigan State University

Postgraduate Education: MSc Animal Behaviour, University of St Andrews

Research: Hello, I’m Rowan (they/them), and for my PhD I will be studying the metapopulation dynamics of northern fulmars (Fulmaris glacialis), a small seabird species found around the northern Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. The goals of this project are to: understand the population trends of different colonies of northern fulmars in Scotland, use modelling to predict the future state of these colonies, and identify the ways that multiple factors (predation, fishery bycatch, environmental conditions, etc.) interact to impact the population dynamics of colonies that experience varying levels of disturbance. As a CASE partnership project, I also look forward to collaborating with the Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC) and Marine Scotland Science (MSS) in order to achieve these goals.

I am grateful to be participating in a project that will allow me to apply my interests in both research and conservation, and am excited to work with this fascinating species. Prior to starting my PhD, I participated in a few animal behaviour research projects at Michigan State University and Princeton University in the United States, but found my passion for birds while completing my MSc thesis on New Caledonian crows (Corvus moneduloides) at University of St Andrews. Outside of research, I enjoy reading, bird-watching, and hiking.



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