My name is Auriel and my love of marine life started at a very early age, whilst everyone was lying on the beach reading, I was the little girl climbing around rock pools looking for animals and seashells. These memories of the ocean inspired me to want to study it and follow a path into research to learn more about this environment and contribute to a wider understanding of what it may face in the future.

Research areas include: Phylogenetics, DNA barcoding, population genetics, marine ecology and species diversity. I also have special interest in Nudibranchs!

My project is entitled: Monitoring marine plankton biodiversity and community dynamics using third-generation DNA metabarcoding. This will be undertaken partly at the University of Aberdeen and at Marine Scotland Science.

I have been determined to undertake a PhD from an early age and I am beyond excited to finally say that this dream is becoming a reality.

Auriel - Jellyfish