Academic Year 2023-2024
Institution University of Aberdeen


School: School of Geosciences

Project: The future of irrigated agriculture in Europe’s mountainous regions; exploring trade-offs and synergies for climate adaptation

Supervisors: David Haro Monteagudo, Josie Geris & Martina Bozzola

Undergraduate Education: BSc Agricultural Sciences, University of Hohenheim; BA Tourism and Travel Management, IUBH

Postgraduate Education: MSc Tourism Management, Bournemouth University

Research: My project will address the need for sustainable agricultural water management strategies under climate change. Climate change will have an impact on conditions for growing crops worldwide. However, this project will examine the particular impacts of climate change on Europe’s farming regions, especially in areas that depend on water resources originating in mountainous areas such as the Spanish Pyrenees, Switzerland and parts of Scotland, as these regions present various degrees of irrigation dependence and adaptive capacity.

For fully grasping the complexity of sustainable agricultural water management, in my project I aim to explore water availability, crop water demand, irrigation practices, and other socio-economic factors. Therefore, the project will investigate how to quantify the effect of climate change on irrigation water demand in different case studies in mountainous regions across Europe and subsequent operational and management challenges. It will then be possible to develop regional and local hydro-economic models to assess and compare the costs (direct and indirect) of alternative climate adaptation strategies.


  • Twitter: @IoannaDiMondo