Academic Year 2019-2020
Institution Queen's University, Belfast


Pronouns: he/him

School: School of Natural and Built Environment

Project: Sedimentary Records of the Evolution of the Melville Bugt Ice Stream

Supervisors: Dr Andrew Newton and Professor Brice Rea 

Undergraduate Education: BSc Geology, University of Leicester

Postgraduate Education: MSc Geology, University of Leicester

Research: My research revolves around the investigation of 6 cores of sediment from Melville Bugt (north-west Greenland) which will hopefully preserve a record of the transition out of the last glacial period into our current warm period- the Holocene. This site is interesting as the seafloor geomorphology indicates that the large Melville Bugt trough housed an ice stream- an area of an ice sheet that flows faster than the surrounding ice- during the last glacial period. The collapse and retreat of this ice stream should leave a distinctive signature in the sediments that can be investigated through a variety of means including geochemistry, palaeontology and sedimentology. From this I’m hoping to work out how, why, and when the ice stream retreated and apply this knowledge to existing Antarctic ice streams.